[lazarus] TControl

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Tue Sep 28 16:58:45 EDT 1999

At 10:06 28-09-99 -0000, "Gertjan Schouten" <gertjan at escroweurope.nl> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> while debugging I needed TControl.Controls[], so I added it.
>> Then I found that our TContol has a FWInControls and a FControls
>> collection. Whats the meaning of this. (FWInControls is only referenced on
>FControls contains all child objects which have been derived from TControl,
>including all TWinControl objects. 

Ah, thats what thought as well. Only the code now just split's them up. If
FControls should contain all of then I'll remove the 'else'

>FWinControls contains only child objects
>derived from TWinControl.


>This also determines the z-order of the controls, non windowed controls
>never appear before windowed controls. f.e. a TBevel can never overlap a 
>TEdit control.

Thats clear.

>> Insert and Delete). Furter I saw that Self is a member of FControls. Is
>> this correct. I thought that FControls only contained Child controls.
>It should contain only child controls.

Hmmm... I think for forms, the form is added as well. I can remember some
discussion on this. 
Somebody ?


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