[lazarus] Lazarus & OO CASE tool?

Gerrit Beuze gerrit at whiteants.com
Wed Sep 29 02:54:40 EDT 1999

I just checked the Lazarus homepage which was 
pointed out by one off my customers. We develop ModelMaker, a productivity tool/ 
CASE tool for Borland Delphi which generates and reverse engineers Delphi 
1/2/3/4/5 code. It's great for creating classes and class related code and 
visualizing them in UML style diagrams. Would it be interesting if we developed 
a project switch allowing to output Lazarus style classes and may be run the 
compiler from inside the CASE tool? This would maybe a very powerfull IDE for 
class generation.
You'll find a (nice) MM review in last month's Delphi 
Kind regards,
ModelMaker / Gerrit 

href="mailto:gerrit at modelmaker.demon.nl">gerrit at modelmaker.demon.nl 


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