[lazarus] GTK colors, pixmaps, GC's...

HankC hankc at msodata.com
Wed Sep 29 16:02:31 EDT 1999


I'm having a rough time getting GTK colors working, maybe one of you can
help.  First, I can't seem to create a drawing area then initialize it's
background color.  Second, even if I could do that, I'm really hazy on
setting a color to draw on that surface.  The GC examples I've seen just
don't make sense to me (malloc vs. new or maybe some easier way altogether).

Ideally, I'd like to see a code snippet that just has a main window, a
container filled with a drawing area, then have it filled with a
back-pixmap of a specified color.  Then I'd like to draw a line (with code,
not mouse) of another color on the surface.  Short of a code snippet, any
tips or references to lazarus code that does this sort of thing would be



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