[lazarus] Why the FLC/Lazarus/KCL development should be speeded

Peter Vreman pfv at cooldown.demon.nl
Thu Sep 30 05:15:55 EDT 1999

> > Of course, you can discuss what a "full featured"
> > 
> > Quote:
> > "Publicly Inprise is committed to bringing Kylix to
> > market by early next year at the latest. Whenever it's
> > done, Kylix will represent the first full-featured,
> > Windows-style RAD environment for Linux. While Kylix
> > ultimately will work with all Linuxes, Inprise will work
> > first with its partners ..."
> > 
> > Look at the new release time !!!!!
> Yes, but even if they can do it, they will just run on a
> Corel-adapted version of linux - if I understand it right.
> I very much doubt that everyone wishes to buy this version;
> if it is more Windows-like, what is the purpose of having
> linux at all? If you want to implement a more windows like
> environment, why not just take windows ? and furthermore,
> If you do that you WILL introduce all of the windows bugs
> and quircks and even add some more.
I hope to have FPC soon in the debian distribution. And let's see if corel
will take FPC, because corel is based on debian.


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