[lazarus] TNoteBook probems Fixed

Cliff Baeseman vbman at pcpros.net
Thu Sep 30 08:29:02 EDT 1999

I use this trick when building active x controls with delphi also. You
cannot pop up a form unless it is modal so I just do some reparenting of
forms at run time.

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>On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, Gertjan Schouten wrote:
>> > * A control should never be part of its own controls collection. In my
>> > debugmessages I see constructions like:
>> > [TWinControl.Remove] TBUTTON --> Remove: TBUTTON ()
>> > [TWinControl.Insert] TPAGE --> Insert: TBUTTON ()
>> > and it looks like the parent of TBUTTON was TBUTTON itself.
>> > Something similar: A form has no parent and while looping through the
>> > controls collection, you'll find the form as Controls[0]
>> Parent in TForm has only meaning if the form is an MDIChild.
>> Setting the FormStyle of a Form to fsMDICHILD sets the Parent
>> property to Application.MainForm, otherwise Parent is always NIL
>Actually, there is a trick that allows you to set parent to an arbitrary
>it's documented in Charlie Calvert's book on Delphi.
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