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Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Thu Sep 30 09:01:09 EDT 1999

Samuel Liddicott wrote:
> > Since that isn't how GTK
> > does the message handling I don't see how you could add doing it
> > using the windproc method that Delphi uses without tying the LCL
> > directly to GTK. If you can show me how, by all means do it.
> instead of calling Dispatch, call WndProc and let DefaultWndProc call
> dispatch.  Just like Delphi.

This is where you lose me. Do you invision one WndProc routine that
handles all messages or do you invision a WndProc for every control? If
it is one global WndProc how does that differ from what is done now? And
if it is for every control how do you invision sending the message to
the control?

> > Here is where you are mistaken. Not PLATFORM independant, WIDGET
> > (API) independent. This is refering to GTK, Qt, wxWindows, XForms,
> > XLib, etc. etc. etc.
> Wndproc gives us widget indepedance.  No wndproc ties us to GTK, AND
> ties us OUT of the Delphi component model.
> > In many cases such as GTK, wxWindows this widget sets already have a
> > Windows (WIN32) version which means they would also be platform
> > independant if they adhere to these widget sets.
> So... you don't really want widget set independance then?  No matter.
> Even under GTK, wndproc is needed, as mentioned it is the ONLY way to
> intercept messages to a control.

Do we have a syntax problem in our communication??? A definition of
terms problem or what??

I thought I clearly stated above that we are trying to code the LCL so
that it doesn't need any given widget set library. We want it to use a
variety of libaries. Since these libaries are becoming more and more
available on Win32 as well that also makes it platform independent. So
exactly where am I stating that I, "don't really want widget set

> let wndproc dispatch.

Again please show me how this would work with the GTK signal method.

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