[lazarus] Why the FLC/Lazarus/KCL development shouldbespeeded

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Thu Sep 30 15:05:28 EDT 1999

>>> Sebastian Günther <sguenther at gmx.de> 09/30/99 01:38PM >>>
Shane Miller wrote:
> Borland will not use WINE.

>>I hope so of course, but why are you so sure about this...?

I spoke with Michael Swindel and another person at Inprise.  They talked about gtk and qt and how they work and which one we (the lazarus project) were using.  Also, they spoke about hiring someone that knew something about the widget set (either gtk, qt, or whatever) depending on which they chose.  It was quite fun chatting with them (I don't remember the other gentlemen's name).  I spoke with Michael via EMAIL and the other guy called me.  
They were familiar with the Lazarus project, along with the Medigio project (whatever it was called).  

They plan on doing something very similiar to what we are doing.   It seems like they have the same ideas and hopes that we have about the Linux environment and what it could become.


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