[lazarus] WNDPROC Debate.......Chapter 12, the saga continues.....

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Thu Sep 30 20:39:32 EDT 1999

Stefan Hille wrote:
> In fact until today I thought this discussion was over and Sam is
> already working on this topic.

To be honest I did to. While I wasn't keen on the idea I thought that
Sam was working on a way of doing it. I didn't realize that he had
considered it squashed.

I am still not exactly sure what is the best way to get our hands around
it but we most certainly can try. I have had my head in VB for the last
2 months and I have to get back to thinking Pascal. Tomorrow is my last
day at my contract working on VB. (Yeaaah!)  Next week I will be able to
get back into the LCL in a big way. I will be moving the GTK stuff out
into a subdirectory so that we can more easily separate API sets. At
that time I can also work on the wndproc stuff unless Sam already has a
grip on how to do it or as Shane stated he is almost at that point

What it will boil down to is moving the Dispatch call from the interface
code into the LCL itself. Currently all of the dispatch calls are
basically done from the interface code for each of the messages. Instead
we can make one pipe from the interface into the LCL that inturn calls
the Dispatch code OR traps it and ignores it if so desired. I think this
is what Sam is after.

I have to agree that this will help separate the APIs better. Currently
all calls to the API go through the SendMessage call and by using some
sort of wndProc scenerio all calls coming back from the API will go
through just one routine as well.

Is this OK with everyone? Is this what we are looking for?

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