[lazarus] WNDPROC Debate.......Chapter 12, the saga continues.....

Cliff Baeseman vbman at pcpros.net
Thu Sep 30 21:21:02 EDT 1999

Let's do whatever sam needs to get him moving along....

As long as it does not blow the platform independance I am all for it.

my 2c

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>Stefan Hille wrote:
>> In fact until today I thought this discussion was over and Sam is
>> already working on this topic.
>To be honest I did to. While I wasn't keen on the idea I thought that
>Sam was working on a way of doing it. I didn't realize that he had
>considered it squashed.
>I am still not exactly sure what is the best way to get our hands around
>it but we most certainly can try. I have had my head in VB for the last
>2 months and I have to get back to thinking Pascal. Tomorrow is my last
>day at my contract working on VB. (Yeaaah!)  Next week I will be able to
>get back into the LCL in a big way. I will be moving the GTK stuff out
>into a subdirectory so that we can more easily separate API sets. At
>that time I can also work on the wndproc stuff unless Sam already has a
>grip on how to do it or as Shane stated he is almost at that point
>What it will boil down to is moving the Dispatch call from the interface
>code into the LCL itself. Currently all of the dispatch calls are
>basically done from the interface code for each of the messages. Instead
>we can make one pipe from the interface into the LCL that inturn calls
>the Dispatch code OR traps it and ignores it if so desired. I think this
>is what Sam is after.
>I have to agree that this will help separate the APIs better. Currently
>all calls to the API go through the SendMessage call and by using some
>sort of wndProc scenerio all calls coming back from the API will go
>through just one routine as well.
>Is this OK with everyone? Is this what we are looking for?
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