[lazarus] cvs broken (still?)

dvortex dvortex at netcourrier.com
Tue Apr 4 16:19:51 EDT 2000

or is it just me having problem ?

(am i missing something ?)
U packages/Makefile.fpc
cvs server: Updating packages/cmem
cvs server: failed to create lock directory in repository
`/FPC/CVS/fpc/packages/cmem': Unknown error 18446744073709485823
cvs server: failed to obtain dir lock in repository
`/FPC/CVS/fpc/packages/cmem'cvs [server aborted]: read lock failed -
giving up

here is the command i am using:
cvs -z3     checkout \
            base \
            docs \
            fcl \
            packages \
            lazarus \
            rtl \
            compiler \
            gdbpas \
            ide \

in a little script after the cvs login.
(i had to delete the tree because of space problem, and they have been
solved :o) so i'm trying to get it back now.. 

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