[lazarus] error by compiling syslinux

Vincent Snijders vrs at dds.nl
Thu Apr 6 14:27:54 EDT 2000

I am sure about everything, but I think this might help you.

These problem are caused by the line 647 in syslinux.pp with the following
assember instruction:
    fldcw fpucw
The release compiler and the compilers up till about a week ago mistreated
this line and added the suffix -w and the result was an non-existing
assembler instruction: fldcww.

Now, I you do a make cycle with the release compiler, I doesn't get beyond
compiling the RTL in the first pass, because it can't compile syslinux.pp
correctly. But you need the RTL to compile a new compiler.

So what I did, was the following (I didn't succeed doing it Marc's way, but
it didn't try very hard):
1. Comment out the offending line in syslinux.pp
2. Do a make cycle.
3. Copy ppc386 to the path, to replace the release compiler (or initial
4. Remove the comments made in step 1, so syslinux.pp is as it was before I
got my hands on it.
5. Do a make cycle starting the process with the compiler made in step 2 and

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