[lazarus] Unit search, why doesn't it stop?

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Thu Apr 6 16:24:03 EDT 2000

At 22:09 06-04-2000 +0200, Vincent Snijders wrote:
>I am trying to compile lazarus with the new directory structure. In order to
>do so, I first need to compile mwedit. The makefiles aren't adjusted yet,
>tried to do it by hand.
>I begin with a make clean and a make in the lcl directory. Then I go to the
>components\mwedit directory and give the following command:

Oops forgot that. I didn't see it becouse I included mwedit in my ppc386.cfg.

Try a make OPT=-Fu./components/mwedit

>It is true that I didn't give a path to customgroupbox.inc, but why does
>ppc386 want to recompile the unit stdctrls? It found a IMHO correct and
>usable stdsctrls.ppw.

Just a guess: It doen't want to compile, it only checks if a recompile is 
necesary. It finds stdctrls.pp and wants to check the .inc
If the ppw was in a different dir and stdctrls.pp wasn't found then It 
wouldn't be recompiled.

Thinking of this, I can adjust the makefiles of LCL so that the units go to 
a lcl/units dir, so that a make of lazarus alone doesnt require a rebuild 
of the lcl.....



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