[lazarus] Unit search, why doesn't it stop?

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Thu Apr 6 17:07:18 EDT 2000

At 22:58 06-04-2000 +0200, Vincent Snijders wrote:

>Well, I just tried that. I move all the *.ppw and the *.ow files to the
>freshly created lcl\units directory and removed them from the lcl-directory,
>just to be sure.
>Then again with the new lcl/units path:
>E:\pp\source\lazarus\components\mwedit>ppc386 -Fu../../../rtl/win32 -Fu../..
>/../lcl/win32 -Fu../../../packages/gtk -Fu../../lcl/units -vt mwkeycmds.pas

hmm... it makes no difference but the ../../../lcl/win32 dir shouldnt exist 

[snip searches]

>stdctrls.pp(13,17) Fatal: Can't find unit STDCTRLS
>And now it can't find the stdctrls unit, but it load the ppw file.
>It remains a mistery for me.

Did you try -vut instead of -vt

gives some more info


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