[lazarus] Drag and Drop - The Saga Continues

Michal Bukovjan m_bukovjan at advis.cz
Fri Apr 7 15:01:25 EDT 2000

Exactly my thoughts, I second that.
Method 2 is the best one, I think.

Michal Bukovjan

"Michael A. Hess" wrote:

> Shane Miller wrote:
> >
> > Method 1:  By tracking the MouseMOve and MouseDown and MouseUp
> > messages we can implement drag and drop within the LCL.
> >
> > Method 2:  Starting with GTK, it is already built into the widgets.
> >
> > What is everyone's thought?  I have implemented it both ways so far.
> > The first is quite a bit more involved but it's similiar to the method
> > used in Delphi. However, that's not needed in this case.  By remaining
> > similiar to Delphi in this case gains us nothing so that should not be
> > a deciding factor.
> I think it had better be Method 2. Both GTK and Qt have come to an
> understanding of their implementations of DnD. Method 1 would make the
> DnD part of the LCL and not dependent on a widget set but totally break
> inter-application communication. We must be sure that the DnD can
> operate outside of the application built with FPC/Lazarus. By using the
> GTK/Qt DnD feature we can be sure that dragging outside of our
> application to another application can be handled. Also if you look at
> some of the ToDo list items with regards to GTK 1.4 they will be adding
> more features dealing with DnD. Let's let the widget set handle it so
> when those added features become available any existing Lazarus
> application will be able to use them with not further work on our part.
> Now I just talked about our dragging out to another application. We also
> want to be sure that other applications can drag to ours. In other words
> we better be able to recognize a drop from another applications. Using
> the GTK/Qt DnD built in features will allow us to do just that.
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