[lazarus] website mistake? + cvs question

Mike Z. mike at msodata.com
Fri Apr 7 19:14:35 EDT 2000

Thank you, Mr. Hess.  I basically configured everything (per Sergios How To
0.6 ;) and it worked like a charm.  I still can't checkout the gtk sources,
do you know where they are?  Or better yet, do you know a cvs command that
will spit out the names of all the modules available?


At 18:38 4/7/00 -0400, you wrote:
>"Mike Z." wrote:
>> 'If Delphi doesn't have this control already, you will need to create
>> a new unit
>>     ^^^^^^
>> and include...'
>> Is that accurate?
>The LCL is trying to be as Delphi compatible as possible. That being the
>case we try to match unit and class names whenever possible so that
>existing Delphi code can be used with little change. The above sentence
>means that if Delphi doesn't already have a component that performs this
>function for you to pattern after then create a new unit and include
>files for this new component.
>> I've been out of the loop for quite a while and realised that the cvs
>> server has changed.  I switched the server to cvs.freepascal.org but
>> when trying to checkout or update lazarus I get:
>> cvs server: cannot find module `lazarus' - ignored
>> CVS.EXE [checkout aborted]: cannot expand modules
>> (that's under Win32, of course)
>> I get similar errors trying to retrive anything (gtk, fcl, etc).  Any
>> suggestions?
>Please check the HowTo's again and checkout exactly what you are trying
>to get. If you haven't checked anything out since before the cvs server
>change then your CVSROOT and various information will all be wrong. You
>will have to edit all of your files in the /CVS directories. A WHOLE lot
>has changed since this switch so I would suggest you get rid of whatever
>you have on your machine and checkout everything brand new.
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