[lazarus] Release news on Lazarus

SVAA svaa at retemail.es
Sat Apr 8 11:09:08 EDT 2000


I haven't updated Lazarus since a month ago because I had troubles to
compile and I can't help too much (and too much of work in my job) so I
still have to try the current status.

 But I think it's people like me (poor boys, that are not directly envolved
in it's development) who should say go ahead.

Update the howtos and make files, and in week people of this list, beside
developers, we'll say "go ahead, even an idiot like me can taste it"

Congratulations, you've done quite a good work.
A high level development tool is what Linux needs to became OS for final
users, not only for servers.

Santiago Amposta
svaa at retemail.es

>What is everyone's opinion on releasing a quick "blurb" about Lazarus on
Slashdot or
>FreshMeat, etc.?  Anyone think we shouldn't yet?

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