[lazarus] CVS tools directory and QT stuff

codepunk vbman at pcpros.net
Sun Apr 9 16:07:14 EDT 2000

Hi all,
  does anyone oppose me commiting a tools directory under
/lazarus/tools  .   I have a python script in that directory that allows
you to build lazarus. It just requires python to run it, no GUI toolkits or
anything else.  To run it just do a python lzbuild.py it works under linux and
only on the standard /opt/fpc target. I also wish to create the interface/qt
directory if no one opposes that also because I have a bunch of the qt
interface built and wish to commit that also. The interface qt directory will
look like

/opt/fpc/lazarus/interfaces/qt  <-- pp interface units here
/opt/fpc/lazarus/interfaces/qt/library <--C++ shared lib root directory
/opt/fpc/lazarus/interfaces/qt/library/src <--C++ lib source directory
/opt/fpc/lazarus/interfaces/qt/library/include <-- C++ lib header directory
/opt/fpc/lazarus/interfaces/qt/test <--pp library test code

The qt stuff is implemented as a C++ shared library liblzqt.so that exports a C
interface to the QT Lazarus Engine. I am linking against qt 1.45 right now and
will use qt 2.x once the distros all include it.


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