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Mon Apr 10 10:51:07 EDT 2000

Pull from CVS again and try it.
TEdit didn't have OnChange as a property that was published so you were inheriting it from TCustomEdit which had it as protected.


>>> mhess at miraclec.com 04/10/00 08:40AM >>>
Hi, all!
Please help me: How I can to add a event ONCHANGE to TEdit?
ppc386 tells me, that: "can't access a protected field of an object
but if I tell him do ONCLICK -- all right.

here a codemodel, which I using:

       procedure edt1chg(sender : tobject);
       procedure edt1clk(sender : tobject);


    edit.onchange:=@edt1chg;  // <-= here error
    edit.onclick:=@edt1clk;       // all right



Please help.
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