[lazarus] New Makefiles

Vincent Snijders vrs at dds.nl
Mon Apr 10 12:07:42 EDT 2000

From: Marc Weustink <Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl>
> + From: Vincent Snijders [mailto:vrs at dds.nl]
> +
> + I got errors like "can't find syslinux". I got rid of those
> + errors by adding
> +     fpcdir=..
> + in the dirs section of lazarus/Makefile.fpc and generating a
> + new makefile.
> + I did the same for the other makefiles.
> +
> + Is this an appropiate way to solve the missing unit errors?
> Nope.
> The "can't find syslinux" probably comes from an outdated RTL, however I
> can't see why adding fpcdir=.. fixed it.
> Have you done a make in the rtl dir ??
yes, at least this time, I am not sure before.

> BTW, what's the fist line make reports. (the one with a call to ppc386)
ppc386 -Fu/usr/lib/fpc/0.99.15/units/linux -FU../units -di386
I have no units in the usr/lib/fpc/0.99.15/units/linux directory.

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