[lazarus] cvs updated

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Mon Apr 10 15:54:54 EDT 2000

At 14:41 10-04-2000 -0500, Shane Miller wrote:
>I added SetProp and GetPror winapi calls.
>In gtk they simply call gtk_object_set_data and gtk_object_get_data
>I'm going to write a
>"How to add a Windows API function" how-to because EVERYTIME I do it I 
>forget how to do it so I can imagine it's tough for everybody else 
>(everybody?  How many is that?)

It is only editing 5 files ;-)
I'm still thinking of writing a little app, where you can enter the 
declaration and the app puts it in the right place.


>Anyway, I plan on writing a quick explanation and posting it on the site.
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