FPCDIR Was: RE: [lazarus] New Makefiles

Peter Dyson peter at skel.demon.co.uk
Mon Apr 10 19:08:58 EDT 2000

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From: Vincent Snijders <vrs at dds.nl>
To: <lazarus at miraclec.com>
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2000 11:30 PM
Subject: Re: FPCDIR Was: RE: [lazarus] New Makefiles

> > >BTW I did add fpcdir=../[../] as the first makefile change I tried,
> > >but this did not work. I have not tried the above to the Makefile.fpc
> > >as I am unsure of what shell variable it should be assigned to to
> > >make it work.
> add the following line in the dirs section of Makfile.fpc :
> fpcdir=..
> save the Makefile.fpc and run fpcmake in this directory. A new makefile is
> generated.
> fpcmake is part of the tools with fpc. It can be checked out with
>     cvs -z3 checkout utils
> A make in the utils directory compiles the utility.
> Vincent Snijders.

Yup did that! I took that part of the process as being read
The change I was refering to was the
which may be needed for a self contained makefile.


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