[lazarus] Could someone help confirm the HowTos

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Tue Apr 11 21:01:49 EDT 2000


It appears that Marc has the Makefile in order. What we need to do now
is confirm that the HowTos are correct. Could someone attempt to do a
fresh install as if it was their first time? I will attempt this using
Linux tomorrow but need some others to try it and to have some Win32
people try it. Follow the HowTo step by step and see if everything works

If you find errors please forward them to me. I will update the page and
then I think we will be ready to do a major announcement on the various
news services. I will be making general press releases to everyplace I
can find that will be interested.

How about some of your lurkers out there. Here is a chance to lend a
hand.   :-)

Thanks for you help.
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