[lazarus] Linux howto - compiled but not out of box

Jarto Tarpio jarto at starsoft.fi
Wed Apr 12 03:48:28 EDT 2000

Here's my report from trying to build on the Linux side. I got it 
compiled but not without changes.

1. CVS:

cvs -z3 checkout base compiler rtl fcl gtk lazarus packages

Remove gtk as it's not there any more

2. Cycling the compiler:

cp compiler/ppc386.

Add one space after ppc386

3. Building fpc, gtk and lazarus

fcl and gtk compiles only if I remove /opt/fcl/Makefi*

Lazarus compiles only with the help of ppc386.cfg. Otherwise a lot 
of include files + sysutils are not found. Here's what I needed:


I guess someone has to have a look at the makefiles so that we 
won't need those.

But hey, it compiled -> ship it ;-). Did it on the server though, so 
couldn't check what lazarus looked like :-(


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