[lazarus] Linux howto - compiled but not out of box

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Wed Apr 12 05:40:39 EDT 2000

+ From: Jarto Tarpio [mailto:jarto at starsoft.fi]

+ 3. Building fpc, gtk and lazarus

Hmmm..... there was a time that the Howto mention something about compiling
the rtl first. It is gone.

I think this is causing your problems.

PPL, this is a point for the Howto:
* The rtl is only build after the new_ppc script is run.
  I think it should also compiled for a complete new
  lazarus build. (You don't HAVE to cycle the compiler
  after a cvs update).

* The new_ppc script moves the ./rtl/linux units to
  ./units/linux. The makefiles assume that they are still
  in the ./rtl/linux dir. I would propose to either copy
  them or don't use the ./units/linux dir at all

* I can change the makefiles to look in the ./units/linux
  dir instead of the ./rtl/linux dir if it is present

* Change FAQ Q2 to a script:
  cd $THEDIR/rtl
  if { make } then
    rm $THEDIR/units/linux/*.o $THEDIR/units/linux/*.ppu
    cp linux/*.o linux/*.ppu $THEDIR/units/linux
  cd $THEDIR/fcl
  cd $THEDIR/packages/gtk
  cd $THEDIR/lazarus

* The new_ppc script doesn't copy/move the .o files
  and doesn't check for a succesful build.
  Maybe change the new_ppc script

  cd $THEDIR
  cp -f ppc386.release ppc386
  cd $THEDIR/compiler
  if { make cycle } then
    rm $THEDIR/units/linux/*.o $THEDIR/units/linux/*.ppu
    cp linux/*.o linux/*.ppu $THEDIR/units/linux
    cd $THEDIR
    mv ppc386 ppc386.release
    cp compiler/ppc386 .
    echo Cycling the compiler failed
    cd $THEDIR

* Are these scripts something to put in a makefile
  in the fpc dir ???

+ fcl and gtk compiles only if I remove /opt/fcl/Makefi*
+ Lazarus compiles only with the help of ppc386.cfg. Otherwise a lot
+ of include files + sysutils are not found. Here's what I needed:
+ -Fi/opt/fpc/rtl/inc
+ -Fi/opt/fpc/rtl/i386
+ -Fi/opt/fpc/rtl/linux
+ -Fi/opt/fpc/fcl/inc
+ -Fi/opt/fpc/fcl/linux
+ -Fu/opt/fpc/rtl/objpas
+ I guess someone has to have a look at the makefiles so that we
+ won't need those.

It's not the makefiles but the scripts I mentioned.

Thanks for checking


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