[lazarus] T-Shirts Mouse Pads Coffee Cups

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Wed Apr 12 10:30:16 EDT 2000

"Baeseman, Cliff" wrote:
> We had talked about T-Shirts Mouse Pads Etc at one time.

Yeah. Response and interest was non-existent to I tabled the idea for
awhile. I was just talking with MVC about it and it seems that T-Shirts
with messages or advertising on them isn't really a big thing in Europe
the way it is here. Even MVC said he wouldn't buy a T-Shirt that had FPC
on it.  :-\

We are in the process of working on both a book deal and CD sales so
adding these things would go nicely (at least in the states).

> Here is a site that will do all of the ordering for you and stroke you
> a check for the difference in price between the actual cost and what
> you wish to sell it for.


This might make it worth while to set up. It was the upfront cost with
not guarenteed sales that had me bothered with doing it the normal way.
I'm going to look into this right now.

> You will not have to worry about the security, selling, stock,
> shipping etc they  make it on demand.

I wouldn't mind doing this if I knew that items would sell. But this
might be a way to start until we see items selling and then take it over
in house.

Talk at you later,
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