[lazarus] mwedit - strange behaviour.

dvortex dvortex at netcourrier.com
Wed Apr 12 18:50:03 EDT 2000

i just compiled lazarus, just updated from cvs a minute ago...
(15:40 or so, pacific time - GMT-8). 

do this:

run lazarus:

click "project new"
(the window with the default unit1.pp code appears)
click file -> new form
(the notebook with unit1 now has unit2.pp also)
the text from unit2.pp (the source code) is off by 1 char (the line on the
left, instead of being on the left of the first column of text if OVER the
firt column.. sort of doesnt look nice. i'll try to see where that code is
(hehe i just dove in the code, so i'm not sure where to look for this yet
:o) probably mwedit or somethng there.. :o)

Well.. anyway.. i don't know if this was noted before or not
(is there some kind of bug database somewhere available on the web or
something for lazarus ? i know the one for FPC... but how about one for
lazarus ?)

ok, enough of me :o)
let me know if someone else get that problem too...

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