[lazarus] CVS changes

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Thu Apr 13 19:12:03 EDT 2000


some changes:
   ~ Added some docu and did some cleanup.

 From Hans-Joachim Ott <hjott at compuserve.com>:

   * TMemo.Lines works now.
     I made complete new code for MemoStrings, it should work
     for every underlying toolkit, but in fact it works best if
     the toolkit does not support Memo lines itself (like GTK),
     it's a lot of overhead if we deal with Windows. Maybe it
     should be put eventually into a toolkit dependant file.
   + TMemo has now a property Scrollbar.
   = TControl.GetTextBuf revised :-)
   + Implementation for CListBox columns added:
     New file clistbox.pp with a property ListColumns.
     If a line with Tabs (#9) is inserted, the text is
     split into the columns (see gtklistl.inc
     TGtkCListStringList.Insert). I defined first
     TCListBox = class(TCustomListBox) and published the
     properties like ExtendedSelect, Items etc.,
     but doing so crashes the compiler (0.99.14) with
     "clistbox.pp(28,1) Fatal: Internal error 55665566",
     so now it's defined as descendant of TListBox, which
     should be revised.
   * Bug in TGtkCListStringList.Assign corrected.

Marc & Hans-Joachim
OK, It took some time but the weus at quicknet.nl is working again.

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