[lazarus] QT Loop Problem

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Fri Apr 14 08:57:52 EDT 2000

+ From: codepunk [mailto:vbman at pcpros.net]

+ No I did not set the widget  handle but we should place a
+ check somewhere that eliminates the cycling.

Nope, you can't. CreateWindow is supposed to create a window. If it cant
create one we can raise an exeption but thats it. (If it can't create a
window then it makes no sense to continue).

+ Right now all I did was created a interface unit and
+ compiled hello world. In theory I should just be able to run
+ this and have the code just fall thru and exit due to not
+ getting caught by the main event loop of the called library
+ be it gtk or qt.
+ Once I can get that to occur it should take me less than 15 min
+ to get forms and buttons working enough for a successful
+ compile of hello world.

Hmm..... As long as you don't refer to the Handle before you've created the
widget (and in your case don't refer to the handle in QTobject at all, since
you dont create anything) Everything should continue.
Now I think of it I guess that I assumed sometimes that a handle is created
after a createwindow. Maybe if I can find some time this weekend I'll look
at it.


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