[lazarus] Hello screenshots in GTK and QT

Shane Miller smiller at lakefield.net
Sun Apr 16 22:43:46 EDT 2000

One thing that would be cool to add soon would be the ability to compile
within Lazarus.  All I want to be able to do a spawn the compiler and add a
define to it.  The define would be to define GTK or QT for selecting a

How do I do this under Linux?  How do I execute the ppc386 compiler or
Also, I would like to capture the output to show in a window in Lazarus...

Shane Miller
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From: "codepunk" <vbman at pcpros.net>
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Sent: Monday, April 17, 2000 1:28 AM
Subject: [lazarus] Hello screenshots in GTK and QT

> Here are the screenshots of hello world in QT and GTK.
> Qt is at http://www.codepunk.com/files/hqt.jpg
> GTK is at http://www.codepunk.com/files/hgtk.jpg
> To bad they look  almost exactly the same. Or maybe that is a good thing,
> methinks it is good.
> All I did to build it is compiled the gtk one then i blew away all the old
> ppu's and .o files. I opened interfaces.pp and uncommented qt and
> pretty cool stuff.
> Cliff
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