Calling the compiler

codepunk vbman at
Mon Apr 17 08:46:19 EDT 2000

I think we should run the compiler directly to avoid confusion. I don't think
people would like messing with make files.  I have used the KDevelop app for
some time now and this is the method by which they run GCC and is also the
reason so many people have trouble with it. I think we can get more reliability
it we run it ourselves.


On Mon, 17 Apr 2000, Jeff Wormsley wrote:
> Can this be done similar to the way a C++Builder project is handled: ie. Create a makefile.  Then the ide would create the makefile and then call make to compile, rather than calling ppc directly.
> Or is there any merit to this at all?
> Jeff.
> On 04/16/2000 at 9:10 PM Curtis White wrote:
> >I actually have some info on how to do this, including how to capture the
> >output. I will try to get the compiler working within the next couple days. I
> >already have the compiler options dialog created, so it just needs to put those
> >options together and send them to the compiler. I will see if I can get it
> >going.
> >
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