[lazarus] CVS Permissions Again

codepunk vbman at pcpros.net
Tue Apr 18 00:51:16 EDT 2000

I was afraid of that I added the designer directory and just knew we where
going to have problems again. I just tried to telnet in and fix it but I keep
getting thrown out.


On Mon, 17 Apr 2000, Curtis White wrote:
> It looks like we need someone to fix the permissions of the lazarus/designer
> directory in CVS.  I am unable to update. It is giving me the following error:
> cvs server: failed to create lock directory in repository
> '/FPC/CVS/fpc/lazarus/designer' : Permission denied
> cvs server: failed to obtain dir lock in repository
> '/FPC/CVS/fpc/lazarus/designer'
> cvs  [server aborted] :  read lock failed - giving up
> Curtis
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