[lazarus] Compiler working

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Tue Apr 18 04:46:22 EDT 2000

+ From: cwhite at mail2.aracnet.com [mailto:cwhite at mail2.aracnet.com]On
+ Behalf Of Curtis White
+ Actually, this is a good idea.  We could have a function in
+ the LCL that returns the path to the configuration directory
+ ( getConfigPath() ). In Win32, it could return the path where
+ Lazarus is installed and in Linux it could return the
+ ~/.lazarus path.

I think not as a part of the LCL. You only need the config for Lazarus it
self. Other applications crated by Lazarus have their own config path.

+ Then anything within Lazarus that needs the
+ path to the configuration files could just ask this function and
+ depending on where you are compiling the LCL it would return
+ the proper path.
+ Would this work?  The only problem I could see with this is
+ how would that function know where the Win32 installer
+ installed Lazarus?

Look at your exe path.

+ On Linux it is easy because you
+ just look for ~ and depending on what user is logged on you
+ get the path to their home directory. I think Win32 is going
+ to be a little more difficult.

In win32 it is common to store your config in the same dir as the exe
(default config). Project specific confuguration goes to your project dir.


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