[lazarus] Program stout bypass

Michal Bukovjan m_bukovjan at advisbbdo.cz
Tue Apr 18 05:42:12 EDT 2000

You may disable the stdout output by issuing

./someprog >/dev/null

or similar. Not sure how to redirect stdout inside Lazarus, though ...

Michal Bukovjan

UAB Diprintas wrote:

> Hi, all!
> How to BYPASS a StdOut in Linux system of my program?
> For example, I have compiled a some program, and run it from
> an terminal. And the user have a SHOCK, when see a "program comments"
> in the terminal. When the user run the program with apersand (&) like:
> $ ./someprog&
> ...then program is halted. Is it possible to disable it? (Using Lazarus LCL
> for Linux)
> Thanx.
> Regads,
>    Bogdan M.Maryniuck
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