[Lazarus] Calling the compiler

Michael Van Canneyt michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Tue Apr 18 11:48:18 EDT 2000

On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Sebastian [iso-8859-1] Günther wrote:

> Florian Klaempfl wrote:
> > In this case you can use a response file: Just write
> > all parameters to param.tmp for example and the call
> > the compiler with
> > ppc386 @param.tmp myprogram.pp
> BTW, is it possible to use StdIn for this? For example this way:
>   ppc386 @- myprogram.pp

No, it is not (although it would be extremely easy to add).
but I see no use in being able to do this, even more I think
it would be very dangerous since the compiler would only start
compiling of eof() is reached, which could be 'never' and this
is potentially dangerous.


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