[lazarus] can't make mwedit on win32

Florian Klaempfl Florian.Klaempfl at gmx.de
Tue Apr 18 12:11:43 EDT 2000

Marc Weustink wrote:
> + From: Vincent Snijders [mailto:vrs at dds.nl]
> [snip]
> + This is due to some type incompatiblities between LCLLinux
> + and windows. I propose (and have proposed) to use LCLLinux
> + also under windows, as it is an interface to the underlying
> + OS/Winapi. In that case you can leave out a few IFDEFs in
> + the mwcustomedit file, so it also results in cleaner code,
> + although a bit slower due to the extra indirection, which we
> + are accepting in the LCL for winapi calls anyway.
> Originally it was the intention (at least mine) to have one interface to the
> indelying widgetset.
> + I 'll attach the diff file for these changes in mwcustomedit.pas as
> + mwcustomedit.dif
> +
> + These changes introduce a new problem with the clipboard
> + unit. The current clipboard unit includes the clipboard
> + constants for linux, but not for windows (you are supposed
> + to use the windows unit). A solution for this would be to
> + move the CF_xxxx constants to LCLLinux and to use this unit in
> + the clipboard unit.
> +
> + I could suply you with diff files for patching
> + mwcustomedit.pas clipboard.pp
> + and lcllinux.pp, if you want.

I've patched the fcl to redefine the trect/tpoint stuff only on win32
instead of defining it, but  I hadn't commited it yet because of 
compiler problems (well known internalerror 55665566).

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