[lazarus] win32 howto

mooseman mooseman at uniserve.com
Tue Apr 18 15:33:06 EDT 2000

i am simply unable to get a working setup as per the howto 0.93 on the site.

everything seems to be ok, except that darned make problem that i have had 
all along.

i can use cvs fine. checkout and update work ok. i can manually compile 
using ppc386 blah, blah....
i just cannot get past the 'make.exe No Rule to make target. Stop' error 
after issueing a 'make clean' (or make anything for that matter).

i am certain of the copy of make is indeed make gnu version 3.76.1 rather 
than a borland version.

the only idea that i can come up with is there must be something different 
needed with win32 makefiles in comparison to linux makefiles...

??? just can't figure it out.


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