[lazarus] The term 'Lazarus'

codepunk vbman at pcpros.net
Wed Apr 19 01:25:37 EDT 2000

Lazarus of course refers to the biblical dude that rose from the dead. Implying
that Lazarus rose the Megido project from the dead. Myself and Shane Miller
started the project after we relized the Megido project was going no where
fast. The Megido project was the first attempt at such a port but I do not
think they ever even wrote a single line of code.

As for the DFM files which I am currently working on  will be actually in
DOM / XML format. The res file stuff has not been adressed as of yet. Actually
it is a very low priority since we can do something with that at a later date.
When we get ready to mess with the res files we should be able to append them
straight into the executable just as in windows.


On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Chris Bordeman wrote:
> I was just wondering: what is the meaning of 'Lazarus,' in relation to this
> project?  How was it picked?
> I think Lazarus is a really outstanding name; I assume it is not just a code
> name, like 'Delphi?'
> Another question: how did you guys decide the problem of .dfm files and
> resources in the .exe in Lazarus?  Is the plan to use a resource segment in
> the .exe when that is added to FPC?
> Thanks,
> Chris Bordeman
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