[lazarus] The term 'Lazarus'

Chris Bordeman chrisbordeman at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 19 02:52:16 EDT 2000

That's pretty cool.  You ought to put that specific description on the web
site, very creative <g>.

As for the other thing, sounds good...



> Lazarus of course refers to the biblical dude that rose from the dead.
> that Lazarus rose the Megido project from the dead. Myself and Shane
> started the project after we relized the Megido project was going no where
> fast. The Megido project was the first attempt at such a port but I do not
> think they ever even wrote a single line of code.
> As for the DFM files which I am currently working on  will be actually in
> DOM / XML format. The res file stuff has not been adressed as of yet.
> it is a very low priority since we can do something with that at a later
> When we get ready to mess with the res files we should be able to append
> straight into the executable just as in windows.
> Cliff

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