[lazarus] OS Specific Issues

Curtis White cwhite at aracnet.com
Wed Apr 19 21:09:21 EDT 2000

Not really. I created a unit called lazconf.pp. It contains 3 function definitions and their implementations to return and create config file paths (primary and secondary). I copied this file
into both the linux and the win32 directory. Then I just write the implementation of those 3 functions differently in each of the two directories. So when we compile Lazarus, on Win32, the
Makefile will include the win32/lazconf.pp file and on Linux it will include the linux/lazconf.pp file.

I think this will be a good solution because if we find other things while building Lazarus that require different coding for Win32 and Linux, we can just create the file and put it into each
of the directories and then just code the implementation differently. Then we don't need any IFDEFs. The only drawback is that if you find a bug, you might have to change it in two places.
But I think that is a small price to pay for the benefits gained by doing it this way.

I will create these directories and check in the lazconf.pp files when I get home later this evening.


Shane Miller wrote:

> I have no problem with this idea.  Are you ccreating one unit called Something.pp and creating an ifdef around the include statement so that there will only be 1 ifdef in the entire thing?
> Shane

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