[lazarus] CVS Error

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Thu Apr 20 05:17:22 EDT 2000

Ha, I finally got the mail working again here.

+ From: cwhite at mail3.aracnet.com [mailto:cwhite at mail3.aracnet.com]On
+ Behalf Of Curtis White
+ Marc, do you know what I need to change in the Makefiles to 
+ get them to include the proper file when compiling under each OS?  
+ The file is linux/lazconf.pp for Linux and win32/lazconf.pp for 
+ Win32. But I don't know how to tell the Makefile to include the 
+ proper file when compiling.

Maybe create it a bit more flexible.

lazconf.pp --> lazarus
generic.inc --> lazarus/include
lazconf.inc --> lazarus/include/$(OS_TARGET)

Anyhow in the lazarus/Makefile.fpc, section dirs
for units add ./$(OS_TARGET) to the unitdir
for includes add ./include/$(OS_TARGET) to the incdir


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