[lazarus] New page design

Marc Weustink weus at quicknet.nl
Sat Apr 22 18:46:14 EDT 2000

At 17:06 22-04-2000 -0500, codepunk wrote:
>I am just building a simple compiler front end for ppc. You select a 
>program and has a couple of list boxes for the file locations etc. This 
>will allow them to circumvent the makefile long file name problems. It 
>also means they will not have to worry about exported paths either.

I don't know if this is much help. To build lazarus you only have to type 
make. The long filename problems exists (to my knowledge) only on the WinNT 
platform and can be solved by using the latest cygwin make.
The only problem now is that the combination of the compiler and linker 
doesn't work on the WinNT platform. The compiler generates a link.res with 
truncated LFNs which the linker refuses. I'm still investigating this.

As I wrote to MH:

~ I've read it, I might add some comments regarding win32-NT
~ compatibility. At this moment I'm at a point to say that
~ the compiler isn't true win32 (only win95/98). If we make
~ an anouncement I would suggest to make clear that
~ Lazarus/FPC will NOT work (I repeat NOT work) on a NT
~ platform, unless I find some steps which makes it work.
~ (FYI the problems with make are solved, the linker is now
~ a problem)

Marc (a bit fustrated)

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