[lazarus] Win32 build tool available CORRECTION

codepunk vbman at pcpros.net
Sat Apr 22 22:52:37 EDT 2000

Lets try that again.. ;)
The file is at http://www.codepunk.com/files/lazbuild.zip


On Sun, 23 Apr 2000, codepunk wrote:
> I placed a copy ot the program at
> http://www.codepunk.com/files/lazbuild.jpg it is a simple front end to the
> ppc386 compiler. It is pretty self explanitory but if anyone has a question
> just let me know. Just select a target file to compile and press the compile
> button. It will compile the program and display the result in the output
> window. It makes life real easy when working with the win32 version. I leave it
> open and press compile when ready.
> I also placed some screenshots of win32 lazarus programs running at
> http://www.codepunk.com/files/cbox.jpg
> http://www.codepunk.com/files/speed.jpg
> http://www.codepunk.com/files/logo.jpg
> http://www.codepunk.com/files/ide.jpg
> Enjoy
> Cliff
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