[lazarus] Win32 Compiled and ran

Baeseman, Cliff Cliff.Baeseman at greenheck.com
Mon Apr 24 10:59:36 EDT 2000

gtk_paned_gutter something or the other I had to move into the win32 define.
It does not exist in the latest dll.  It is in gtkpaned.pp the line just
above the define move it to inside the define and recompiled gtk.


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At 00:19 23-04-2000 -0500, codepunk wrote:
>Hey I got it to compile and run after making a change to a gtk unit 
>recompiling gtk and then compiling lazarus again. I had to make about 
>three file changes to make it run under win32. Once my wife gives up my 
>win32 system again I will finish it up and commit a few file changes to 
>make it compile and run cleanly.

Which changes did you make to the gtk unit ??


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