[lazarus] Win32, make and Makefiles

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Tue Apr 25 04:47:01 EDT 2000

Hmm.... I had still a environment FPCDIR hanging around causing some strange
results. So I stripped some from my ogiginal message.

+ From: Marc Weustink [mailto:weus at quicknet.nl]
+ >The story continues....
+ I think what follows next should be part of the win32 HowTo

WinNT Howto.

For building Lazarus on a WinNT sytem follow the win32 Howto.
installed fpc (Step 1), keep the following in mind:

*) Long filenames on WinNT behave different than on win95/98.
    As a result of this, the make distributed with fpc doesn't
    work. Please go to the cywin site an grab the latest copy of
    make and ash (this version make uses sh) Copy make.exe and
    sh.exe to the pp\bin\win32 dir



*) Don't try to cycle the compiler (Step 5). For reasons I don't
    (want) to know, a make cycle fails. Please go to the fpc
    developer site and grab the latest build. Extract the
    basew32.zip, utilw32.zip to you pp dir.


*) NOTE: If you store your source tree on a Samba share (like I
    do), you might not be able to link lazarus (also other
    Fpc creates a linker input scripts with 8.3 filenames. Samba
    has a different rule to create 8.3 filenames than M$ so this
    might result in names not accepted by the linker (ldw.exe)
      mylongfilename.ow --> (M$)     MYLONGF~1.OW
                        --> (Samba)  MYLONG~Q#.OW

      MYLONG~Q#.OW is not considered a valid name.

I hope this helps to build/use Lazarus in a NT box.


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