[lazarus] glade better than I thought

codepunk vbman at pcpros.net
Wed Apr 26 00:11:07 EDT 2000

Ok it looks even better than I had originally thought. First of all the
component names are wrong luckily they are easy to change in glade. I will
remove the ones that do not pertain an change the names to reflect our
components. Glade takes a project file in our case it will be the lfm as a
command line argument.

My plan it to create a TDesigner object that is going to wrap the load call to
glade. When a form is selected this object will create a LFM  in xml and then
launch the modified glade against it. This should make things look very
seemless. Glade is going to continue to run as it's own process and in the mean
time TDesigner will monitor the file for any changes. If a change occurs it will
parse the contents probably with the xmlparser I posted a few weeks ago and
update the pp unit and raise a changed event so that the editor can reload the

The only reason I am going to use the xml parser I wrote is that it is event
driven and ideal for this type of job. The parser will just use a state machine
internal to load the file definition into a source accumulator.

Like I said the only problem is that the IDE is not going to be exactly like
delphi because the pallet will be seperated from the top toolbar. Frankly I do
not care about that as long as we still have full functionalitly. 

At some late time we can always replace TDesigner with a Lazarus built one.


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