[lazarus] Another one bug add: TMemo & TListBox I/O errors?

Bogdan M.Maryniuck mbm at diprintas.lt
Wed Apr 26 11:23:38 EDT 2000

>Yes, it might be you need to add an Application.ProcessMessages.
? After *ONE HOUR* to load /var/log/messages into TMemo or TListBox???

>However, it should not be that thw whole application just freezes.
>Do you actually reach the end of the file (i.e. the bug may be in the Eof
Yes, `coz simple *.pas file WITHOUT GUI -- works OK.: I have filtered
/var/log/messages into another file I created by same function. A algorythm
is working properly OK.

> Also, be sure the sorting is off.

>And finally, try to create a temporary TStringList and then assign to
>lines. I think this should be substantially faster (not tested).
How really better to do it? (Just code simple).
See, Delphi4 is loading without problems, so I mean that it is just
TLiastBox and TMemo bug or these components is too far from the end for now

>Do you use GTK, Qt or Win32?
Linux & GTK.

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