[lazarus] Another one bug add: TMemo & TListBox I/O errors?

Baeseman, Cliff Cliff.Baeseman at greenheck.com
Wed Apr 26 15:02:55 EDT 2000

Did you build the glade by chance?


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I sent him this code to try.  It's pretty simple.

The cool thing is I created it using Lazarus IDE and compiled it.  A few
issues exist (obviously) so the IDE isn't real usable.  For example, when I
click on a unit, the cursor still doesn't show up until I press a key!

Anyway, here's the project for loading a listview.  Save these files into
lazarus/testproject and run lazarus, PROJECT OPEN the .lpr file.  PROJECT
BUILD, then run it from a console....it works


>>> Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl 04/26/00 11:54AM >>>
+ From: Bogdan M.Maryniuck [mailto:mbm at diprintas.lt] 

+ >And finally, try to create a temporary TStringList and then assign to
+ >lines. I think this should be substantially faster (not tested).
+ How really better to do it? (Just code simple).

  S: TStringList;
  S := TStringList.Create;
  S.LoadFromFile('your file name here');

+ See, Delphi4 is loading without problems, so I mean that it is just
+ TListBox and TMemo bug or these components is too far from 
+ the end for now

It might be an performance issue, the components are way from complete.


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