[lazarus] win9x howto

mooseman mooseman at uniserve.com
Thu Apr 27 04:00:17 EDT 2000

hi all,

do we want to increment the howto version for win9x?

do we want to remove the FPCDIR env. variable reference from that section?
or at least suggest to add it in the event of problems... since it
shouldn't be necessary anyways...

as was mentioned by others, the link to download FPC is out of date.

i lost track of the end result of binary snapshots... what was the word on
making nightly/weekly binary snapshots available via a link?

i think in order to generate more excitement about lazarus, we should
provide a quick link to this so that more people can get to the business of
using/testing the ide etc. ( i know there is still much work to be done,
but you all are just flying along, knocking things off the list...)

although, we are mostly catering to linux dev. which seems to be more
customary to distibute source first, binaries second, we are still touting
win32 developement out of the same 'box'. the win-world is more binary
first, source second. just a thought.
if any one else thinks this is an ok idea, maybe we could add a Download
link off of the nice new menu bar?


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