[lazarus] TMemo & TListBox I/O errors?

Michal Bukovjan m_bukovjan at advisbbdo.cz
Thu Apr 27 08:11:45 EDT 2000

Yes, it definitely should have a similar implementation.

Michal Bukovjan

Hans-Joachim Ott wrote:

> Hi,
> the problem with TMemo is that the text widget in gtk does not have a
> function to insert or add a line or get information on a specific line
> (or maybe I'm missing something?). So if a line is inserted, the current
> code reads the complete text into a StringList, inserts the line there
> and writes it back to the widget, and (for debugging) writes it also to
> stdout.
> => It helps if the program is run with >/dev/null
> => it helps a LOT if the text is read into a TStringList, and then put
> into the Memo by
> TheMemo.Text := TheStringList.Text (don't use
> TheMemo.Lines.Assign(TheStringList) !!)
> Shouldn't we have different implementations for TMemoStrings for gtk,
> Windows etc., like we have it now for the listbox strings?
> Kind regards, Hans
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