[lazarus] Status of ObjectInspector

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Fri Apr 28 08:19:29 EDT 2000

Send the patches to me.


>>> dvortex at netcourrier.com 04/27/00 10:51PM >>>

Well, after dealing much with the variant stuff, i think i won't use them
at all :o) Most of what i will do anyway will have to do with strings, so
i might has well store these values as Strings for now but i still have a
buggy/unworking version of a TVariant class. I'll send that along. it
would be nice to have that for conversions (put in a variant, and use
AsWhatever to get it converted, if it is possible) :o)

I still need to put some time in the XML->create object stuff (which i am
assuming would be included at some point in the compiler :o) (i didn't see
the equivalent of the "loaded" stuff yet in the component can i use that
to get the XML stuff in there ?)

I have most of the framework in place for the object inpector.  now, i
need to put a little bit of time in checking how to make a Form designer.
One of my idea is to just let the object inspector create the base form
(the form that you have loaded), and change all the "clicks" to something
that would have to do with the Object inspector.) I need to check where to
get those little speedbutton going with the object inspector. (i see the
object inspector as the parent of the form the developer would see, but i
guess that can change). Ho well, if i keep going at that pace, i should
have something remotly working by the end of the weekend.

Who wants to get the patch for this at the end of the weekend ? :o)

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